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example group shots


Let’s plan a group shot list for a hypothetical couple named James One and Delilah Two. They each have a ton of cousins. James has a brother and a dad. Delilah has two brothers and a sister. She also has a mom and dad. James has three aunts. Delilah has an uncle. How on Earth are we going to get all of these people organized for photos. Easily. Communication and organization for the win. We’re headed into the day with a list!

We will start with Delilah’s family. The largest group goes first.

  1. Delilah & James, Janie Two, Ellen Two, Shawn Two, Richard Two, Tracy Two, Abby Two, Mom Two, Dad Two. (couple with bride’s cousins, uncle, siblings and parents)

  2. Delilah & James, Shawn Two, Richard Two, Abby Two, Mom Two, Dad Two. (couple with Delilah’s siblings and parents)

  3. Delilah & James, Shawn Two, Richard Two, Abby Two. (couple with Delilah’s siblings only)

  4. Delilah & James, Mom Two, Dad Two. (couple with Delilah’s parents only)

  5. Delilah and Mom Two, Dad Two. (bride with parents only)

Then we would tell Delilah’s whole family to go enjoy the party. We would then start doing the same sort of list for James’s family starting with the largest group.

Some things to note:

  1. The list has first and last names of everyone that needs to be in each photo. Since your photographer won’t know all of your family members it makes it so so much easier to find everyone we need.

  2. Everyone needed for group photos should be told ahead of time where and when we will be taking them (for example-at the altar immediately following the ceremony). It makes the process go quickly and smoothly when all necessary folks are standing close by.

  3. Every couples’ list will be different. Be like Santa…make your list and check it twice! We (photographers) won’t know to take a photo of any person that isn’t on the list or a grouping that isn’t listed.